Independent Reading

 Points to Remember about Independent Reading Homework

       Your child will be required to do 20 minutes each day of independent reading.   You need to make sure at least one book that your child is reading is a Just Right Book.  You can have your child choose a just right book by following these simple task: Pinned Image  Students should read thier just right book first, as a part of the daily requirement of 20 minutes each day of independent reading time at home.  The rest of the time may be used reading a choice book.  Scholastic has books that you can buy bu level.  If you would like to know your child's level please contact me.
* Your child should be able to retell the main ideas of the just right book.
Here are some ways you can help your child at home with their independent reading:

How do I help my child with reading comprehension?

  • Ask questions while your child is reading to you.  A list of questions you can ask follows this information.  Discuss interesting pictures or parts of the book with your child.  Make sure you are asking questions throughout the reading, not just at the end of the book.
  • If your child is having problems answering the question you ask, have him/her go back and reread from where he/she was able to accurately answer your questions.
  • It may be helpful to stop after each page and have your child retell what happened in that section of the book.  That way, you and your child will know when to reread and when to keep moving!  You can even put a post-it at the end of a section to remind your child that this is where he/she should stop to retell.
  • Once you have finished a book, do something special to celebrate.  You can each draw a picture of your favorite parts and share them with each other.  Act out your child's favorite scene together.  Your child will appreciate your involvement in the reading process and will see that reading comprehension is important to you too.


       (You do not need to ask all of these questions each time your child reads.  Choose the questions that best suit the story and your child.  You can also answer some of the questions to help model good comprehension.)

These questions are not in a particular order.

Before Reading

       What do you think this book is about?  Do any of the pictures give you hints about the story?  What questions do you have about the pictures/story?  What do you think the title means?  What do you predict this chapter will be about?  What strategies will you use if you get stuck on a word?

During Reading

       Who are the main characters?  What is the main character like?  How do you think (a character) feels right now?  Would you do the same thing if you were (the character)?  Where is the story taking place? (setting)  Were you right about your predictions or were you surprised?  What do you think will happen next?  What is the problem of this story/chapter?  How would you solve the problem?  How do you think the problem will be solved?  What are some events that happened so far?  Why are these events important to the story?  How was the problem solved?

After Reading

       What was your favorite part? Why?  What was your least favorite part? Why?  If you could change anything in the story what would it be?  How did this story make you feel?  Was there any part that was hard to understand?  What did you do to help you understand that part?